WE - and this means more than the

At this point we deliberately write "WE", because by this we understand not only ourselves, but first of all our constructive and professional cooperation with our customers, suppliers and partners.

FRIEDRICHS FILTERSYSTEME GMBH has been an all-round supplier in the field of industrial filtration for almost 50 years. Our filters can be found deep below the earth's surface in mines and below sea level or high up on the International Space Station and, of course, everywhere in between. The areas in which our filters are used are as diverse as their locations. For us, this means constantly familiarizing ourselves with new tasks in order to then arrive at professional solutions based on our experience.

More than 10,000 different articles in our database - with high and long-term availability
Our products are used in over 70 countries - surely also in your area
Almost 50 years of market experience in the field of filter systems, with competent, direct advice and efficient solutions
Not only the media in our filter systems are in flux, but also the continuous consulting cycle from analysis - design - test - production to service, in line with our guiding principle "Fluent Thinking".
We get to the bottom of the matter, but do not forget to change the perspective in the sense of "thinking out of the box". This is what our logo stands for, simple and clear!

It means for us:

  • to have an open eye for the new,
  • the awareness to develop new competencies from existing ones,
  • the ability to pick up on trends and creatively translate them into ideas and ultimately into performance,
  • the patience and foresight to weigh future opportunities and environmental protection against short-term profit maximization,
  • the commitment to follow through on this ability,
  • the speed and agility in realization,
  • the ability to judge, to abandon less productive paths again
  • and finally, despite all goal orientation, the luck of the brave.

Without such skills, we would not be what we are today.
Our history is the story of constant renewal, which, by the way, is not only due to individual, exposed personalities, but to the commitment of all employees - from management to trainees.
Stimulating new ideas, promoting their development and leading them to realization is the exciting mission of each and every one of our employees.

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