Oil Mist Separators (demister) with round shape
As a single or modular built system.

Problem definition:

  • emissions, irritating the respiratory tract or even cancerous can
  • cause breathing disorder at the work place, or
  • can have long-term effects such as lung cancer.
  • sensitive equipment parts such as fans, turbochargers and computers should be protected
  • operating costs should be reduced by avoiding unnecessary oil discharges.


- oil mist in the sealing gas discharge of trubo compressors,
   expanders, turbines and vacuum pumps,
- emulsion mist at metal working machines,
- engine crankcase breathers

Mode of operation:

- mechanical separation by finely gradated filter system.
- oil return line back into the system or into an external tank
- optional suction fans will further reduce the already low
   pressure loss
- separation up to 99.97% related to the overall droplet size
   spectrum is proven

The air loaded with aerosols flows through the inlet flange into the demister housing. The built-in demister insert - consisting of up to three elements, depending on the design - separates the aerosols contained in the supply air by means of sieving, impact, gravitational and - electrostatic effects in the deeply staggered package of oliophilic fibers during the flow from the outside to the inside and directs them downward. The air freed from the particles contained in the supply air is discharged via the outlet tube on the demister top section. If, due to the system, an additional suction effect is desired through the demister, various fans are optionally available for this purpose.

Doing more with less – this design philosophy was the decisive factor when developing the extremely simple and modular design of this state-of-the-art and most efficient demister system. It enables you to extend the existing system in a most simple way by adding a few components. If required, also suction fan systems can be added to fulfill changed system requirements. In the design of the suction fan systems we also put emphasis to do without costly components like gas ring vacuum pumps and the required valves to add external air in order to reduce the oversized suction performance. This in turn will result in low operating costs.

Upon request:
Based on your configuration, we check whether existing systems can be used or modified for implementation.
Oil Mist Separators (demister) with round shape
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