Differential Pressure Indicator
"Configured as desired"
The deltaP® - differential pressure indicators are used to monitor a variable pressure difference by optical indication and electrical contacting in up to two points.

Furthermore, we also develop and produce differential pressure indicators for special applications, be it:

  • customized displays
  • adjustable measuring ranges, low pressure / high pressure measuring ranges
  • membrane seals
  • special seals
  • system integrations
  • data logger
  • Integration in control systems
  • special materials, e.g. PVDF
  • directly flangeable housings, special housings
  • optical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic signal output
  • and much more
Flexibly adaptable to your requirement
your logo can be incorporated
In addition to clamping strips, plug-in connections according to DIN 43650 or M12 are also possible. Others on request.
Measuring range:
between 10 and a few 100 mbar for air filter or intercooler
between 0.3 and 0.7 bar for filters in suction mode
up to about 2 bar for standard pressure filtration
up to about 5 bar for usual high pressure filtration
up to 16 bar and more for special applications
Signal output:
optical, electrical, pneumatical, hydraulical
Differential Pressure Indicator
"Configured as desired"
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