Differential Pressure Indicator 5.01
The "Robust" for aggressive media
The deltaP® - differential pressure indicators are used to monitor a variable pressure difference by optical indication and electrical contacting in up to two points.

An increasing pressure difference moves a piston against the force of a calibrated measuring spring. The piston position is transmitted to the indicator and/or switching mechanism without contact or friction. The filter contamination and therefore also the differential pressure grows exponentially with time. Thus, at 80% of the max. contamination, already 95% of the filter service life can be reached. This is compensated for by special design of the indicator system.

Stainless steel as CrNi precision casting for media-contacting parts, aluminum housing
Roll membrane
Signal output:
Optical / electrical. Clamp or plug connection possible.
Measuring range:
From 0,3 up to 4,2 bar
Pressure resistance:
up to 100 bar static pressure
deltaP® differential pressure indicators are characterized by the following features::
- Sealing and housing materials suitable for the respective application - insensitivity to contamination - robustness - vibration resistance - pulsation resistance - resistance to overpressure - unambiguous display - high switching capacity - explosion-proof versions according to Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 100a) on request
Technical Data Sheet 5.01
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Differential Pressure Indicator 5.01
The "Robust" for aggressive media
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